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DIVER'S PARADISE DIVE CENTER started on May 1998. The owner and manager, is Fanis Nikoloudakis who is a PADI IDC Staff Instructor, CMAS 3* Instructor, DAN Instructor, Medic First Aid Instructor, Emergency First Response Instructor and IADS 3* Instructor.

DIVER'S PARADISE is situated at Laganas beach, infront of OASIS Beach Bar, and also at ELEON GRAND RESORT at Tragaki.

DIVER'S PARADISE is a PADI Golden Palm 5* Resort and the first PADI Dive Center since 1998, and the only official IYT partner on the island.

DIVER'S PARADISE is equipped with a 9m Hard Boat with 250 HP motor for 22 divers, plus a 5.5m polyester boat for 8 divers, something that gives us a great flexibility on the daily excursion planning.

DIVER'S PARADISE is equipped with high quality equipment from AQUA LUNG. With more than 20 complete sets and extra equipment, like 55 tanks , 20 regulators, 2 compressors of 30000 lt/hour capacity, etc, can satisfy even your most difficult and complicated diving desires.

DIVER'S PARADISE, offers you all diving possibilities, such as escorted dives for certified divers, all levels of PADI Courses and specialties, Discover Scuba Diving Courses, Emergency First Response Courses and all kind of dives, such as Cave Dives, Wall Dives, Deep Dives, etc.

Besides that, we also organize various events, like Beach Cleanups, Slide Shows for the local u\w flora and fauna (Carreta-Carreta sea turtles, the local Poseidon Sea Weed, etc), and of course (weather and mood permitting!!!) some great Night Dive Parties!

To your comfort and safety, we offer our customers who bring their own equipment, a separate small building next to the dive center, where you can wash, hang and lock your equipment after each dive, so that you don't have to carry this bulky equipment each time up and down to your room and make a mess in your balcony.

And for the Families, especially for Mammy and Daddy Diver, we offer special children Animation Programs, in cooperation with the Animation team of the Hotel, so that the parents can enjoy their dives, while their children are in safe hands having a great time.

We also sell diving equipment from the most popular diving equipment companies, like AQUA LUNG, TECHNISUB, BEUCHAT, OCEANIC, SCUBAPRO, TUSA, CITIZEN WATCHES, etc.

About our club

  • The First PADI Diving center since 1998

    PADI Divers carry the most respected and sought after scuba diving credentials in the world. No matter where you choose to dive, your PADI certification card will be recognized and accepted. In fact, on most scuba diving adventures, you’ll be surrounded by other PADI Divers who made the same certification choice you did – to train with the world’s largest and most respected scuba diving training organization.

  • Gold Palm Resort Certification

    The Gold Palm Resort membership rating identifies Resort Members that excel in providing a combination of quality dive education, experiences and services, including accommodation packages, to traveling divers. A Gold Palm Resort offers divers a variety of dive programs to enhance their dive adventures while actively promoting the benefits of environmental awareness.

  • The Only IYT affiliate in Zakynthos

    IYT is renowned for its professional yachting courses such as the Master of Yachts Coastal, Limited and Unlimited, Superyacht Chef, Superyacht Deck Crew, Professional Superyacht Hospitality and STCW Training. No other organization offers such a diverse range of nautical training or is as internationally accepted as IYT.

  • 20 years of experience and profesionalism.

    With 20 years of experience and our profesionalism ensure that you will be always protected and safe while you enjoy the beautiful deep blue of the Ionian Sea around the Zakynthos island. We also provide the best equipment that is fully checked and serviced under the safety protocols.

eleon grand resort

From the beginning of the 2014 season, there will be 2 stores DIVER'S PARADISE:
A) At ELEON GRAND RESORT (Tragaki-Zakynthos)
B) Laganas beach - OASIS Beach Bar

Take a look at the facilities hosting us, in Hotel ELEON GRAND RESORT (Tragaki)

About Zante

Zakynthos is one of the largest islands in the southern Ionian Sea. It lies only 1 hour from Cephalonia and the Peloponnese. Favored by its geographical position, it is easy for the visitor to get to know the other Ionian Islands from here or go across to the mainland, to ancient Olympia or even to Athens, 5 hours away

An island full of contrasts, Zakynthos is for the most part mountainous with hills and fertile plains. Its mountains are pine-covered while its plains are dotted with olive and citrus groves or vineyards. It has countless sandy beaches as well as an impressive rocky coastline. Many marine caves have been formed there such as the marvellous Galazia Spilia (Blue Cave) in the northwest part of the island. Zakynthos has a mild Mediterranean climate suitable for year round holidays. It is dry and cool in August with an average high of 27 degrees Celsius.

Showing a particular sensitivity in regard to their environment, the people of Zakynthos have kept large areas of the island as they were with the aim of protecting and preserving rare kinds of marine fauna and the creation of marine parks. The well-known Mediterranean Sea turtle, Curette-Caretta, which has used the southern shores of Zakynthos for millions of years as a place to lay its eggs, has found a safe refuge at protected sand beaches. The same is true for a type of rare seals, the Monachus Monachus (monk seal) found on the southwest coasts of Zakynthos. Indicting their respect for the environment, the inhabitants of the island have taken care not to disturb its fragile ecosystem. The modern settlements and the tourist installations, built in keeping with the traditional color of the island, are in harmony with nature. To the point that every visitor to the island can enjoy modern comforts and service in natural and cultured surroundings.

Zakynthos is truly an island that to know is to love. Most of the 44 villages on Zakynthos have been developed but not at the expense of their traditional color. Tourism has only gradually expanded and the inhabitant's sensitivity to their environment has kept enormous complexes from overwhelming the island's natural beauties. Here you will find medium and small-sized hotel units for every purse, which offer not only all modern comforts but also service which have been transformed into genuine hospitality.

Laganas lies to the south, 8 kilometers from Zakynthos-town, in the island's most fertile valley, among olive groves and vineyards and with a seemingly endless sand beach: it has the lion's share of summer traffic. A cosmopolitan place with hotels, rooms to rent, camping and a keen nightlife, it is suitable for both pleasure-loving visitors and for quiet family holidays.

The sea turtle Caretta Caretta can be found in the extensive Bay of Laganas. Also to be found on the beach at Laganas is Diver's Paradise. The owner of this dive centre, Fanis Nikoloudakis, has been active for years in and around scuba diving. In the beginning of 1998 he opened Diver's Paradise that immediately turned into a success. Zakynthos is being discovered more and more amongst scuba divers and the demand for a good dive centre